The Competitiveness Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Competitiveness Institute courses designed for corporate training only?
A: No. Our courses are designed for anyone regardless of employment status, location or educational background. All courses are written in simple English with considerations for learners of all levels. Corporations like our courses because they raise the skill sets of their teams which in turn helps these organizations become more successful and reach their corporate goals faster. Individuals like our courses and programs because our learners become more employable and relevant to today’s workforce.


Q: Are there prerequisites to taking courses?
A: No. Anyone wishing to build their skill set is welcome to take courses.


Q: Do you offer group discounts?
A: Yes. It is quite common for a company to purchase a group of courses for staff. Group accounts come with management tools for running reports and monitoring the progress of all learners.


Q: If I am providing courses to my staff can I re-brand the look and feel of the courses to that of my company?
A: Yes. We offer a co-branding package that allows you to add your logo and corporate colours to the learning environment. We even have an advanced ‘corporate university’ package that gives you your own dedicated LMS account with all Competitiveness Institute courses changed to your corporate identity. The corporate university package even allows you to import and/or build your own eLearning courses without the need to understand complicated programming.


Q: Do I need to download any special software?
A: No. All courses are accessed in our cloud-based learning management system (LMS). All you need to use the LMS is a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari as well as have an internet connection.


Q: Are your courses accessible on mobile devices?
A: Yes. In addition to desktop computers all courses can be easily accessed and taken on smart phones and tablets. Our interactive courses are built in HTML5 (which simply means they load fast, are easy to use on mobile devices and do not use up much data.


Q: Are your courses going to use up a lot of data if I take my courses using my phone?
A: No. All courses are low bandwidth and do not use up much data. We do, however, always suggest accessing courses while connected to wifi which will avoid using any data.


Q: Can I access my courses when I do not have access to the internet?
A: Yes. Students are provided access to a phone app (Android or iOS) that allows you to download your course or courses while in a wifi zone for offline use later. Students wishing to do their courses on a PC or Mac can also request an offline version of the course be sent to them.